The voice of an Iranian reporter: Who benefits from the destruction of Israel?

Starting from the beginning off this week, Israel has been under the deadly attack conducted by the terrorist group Hamas, who has launched over 3, 000 rockets from Gaza, targeting the whole teritory. Pro-Palestinian manifestations are emerging, with the hope to liberate "Palestine" and stop the terror imposed by Israel.


But who are we actually protecting with this so called "Free Palestine". Is it really a war between the almighty super armed Israel backed-up by the Unites States and the tortured Palestinian people seeking to reclaim their rights, or on a larger scale a war between more modern, secular democratic regimes  and medieval authoritarian clan-based structures that are inherently oppresive and dangerous for the maintenance of peace in the world.


A major force within the militant islam regimes todays is Iran, pushing forward by destabilization of Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and other "medievalist" forces that they have converted into their allies. Israel, on the "modernists" side,  plays a role of a direct opponent to this forces with a support stronger than even before in history.


My research has led me to an Iranian reporter who, for security reasons wishes to stay anonymous.

Let's talk about Iran 

According to my source, an Iranian filmmaker living in Teheran, the capital of Khamenei's terrorist government, all Iranians consider Khamenei to be the real culprit in these attacks, and the help is provided through the Quds force.


The Ali Khamenei's gouvernment is completely monitoring the messages sent in the form of e-mails, so I have decided, with no editing to give a free voice to this humanist and publish his truth and the truth of the majority of Iranian's that can not be expressed. 


Can you tell me more about the Iran's interest in helping the Palestinian peple? 


In 1980, the Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution, Khomeini, defended the Palestinian people, and this continued until, after his death, through actions of the Revolutionary Guards, who  thought about creating an organization called Quds Force, which had a mission.


The mission was to follow the thought of the leader of the Khomeini revolution, which is to destroy Israel and become independent, and this would lead to many, many great thefts under this pretext and under the cover of this important higher purpose behind "Free Palestine". The same Khamenei military extremists are those making money. 


Is there any chance today in breaking barriers and creating a sort of an opposition? 


In Iran, like Norh Korea, the internet space is fully monitored, which is why it is difficult to express views. However, there are those who comment using the filter breaker. Many are currenty being held in Iranian prisons, all of whom have been imprisoned, tortured and executed for commenting on and opposing Ali Khamenei's terrorist regime. 





In Iran, governments are more showy, and decision-making power is in the hands of Ali Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards. Ali Khamenei has provided both money and weapons and missiles to the leaders of terrorist groups, and this planning and actions have been carried out for forthy years with the aim to destroy the state of Israel. All Hamas commanders in Iran and under the military commanders of Ali Khamenei's corps undergo various military courses. 


Are you saying then that, by supporting Israel we support the freedom of the Iranians to liberate from the terrorist regime they are living in? 


As long as there is Ali Khamenei's gouvernment, the people of Israel will be in danger of extinction. The only way out of this problem is for the world and Israel to help the freedom-loving people of Iran to overthrow Ali Khamenei's government. Ten percent of Iranians are with Ali Khamenei, of which five percent seek their own interests rather than Ali Khamenei's idology.


  Ninety percent of the Iranian people are trying to overthrow this government soon. And in order to achieve this goal, they have repeatedly opposed the regime and have shown their serious opposition to the demonstrations at different times, but the government has always dealt with the demonstrators in a coercive manner and suppressed such demonstrations with weapons and direct fire. 


In these forty years, the Iranian regime has systematically violated human rights and suppressed the freedom-loving people of Iran. It is interesting to know that this government has used Hamas forces in the streets of Teheran to suppress its opponents. 

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